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Meet The Team

Meet your new best mates! We are a team of professionals with a passion for life who come from all over the world. We welcome everyone with open arms, pass no judgments and encourage everyone to express themselves how they see fit. Ditching the big city salons and coming together to create a family, the team at Cherry Bomb deliver high end hair with a laid back approach. Our top priority is healthy hair, and bringing joy to all you Bombshells.

Superstar Stylists Role Call

Every Stylist at Cherry Bomb is a curly hair expert, colour witch, cutting queen and damn fine specimen of a human with a huge passion for hair. Yes we are all wizards with amazing creative colours, but don’t be fooled, everyone does the same flawless natural hair too! What matters is that you are heard properly and your hair is a reflection of you, whether it is bright and bold or sleek and subtle, we got you.

Imogene Mcleod

Senior Stylist

Natural & Vivid Colours/Vintage Styling/ Extensions/ Curly Hair Expert

If you’re after someone with hair OCD in all the right ways, Imogene is your girl. Giving 110% no matter what the service, she cuts the crap and goes straight to the crowd pleaser. With over 15 years experience, she is honest and caring and you will always know that you are getting the best hair service, because she actually gives a damn about who’s in her chair and what beautiful hair can be achieved. Studying at Vidal Sassoon Academy in London landed her working on every Sydney Fashion Week from 2004-2008, Melbourne Fashion Week 2009-2012, TVC’s and styling shoots, in addition to a plethora of other high profile events. Imogene has the experience, communication and precision it takes to deliver outstanding hair. Also, her name is not Imogen, it’s Imogene, say it with me like this… Imojeeean. 😉

Carmen Ward

Senior Stylist

Blonde Specialist/ Natural & Vivid Colours/Balayage & Highlighting/ Curly Hair Expert

The coolest cucumber in the patch is Carmen. Being in the bizz for 16 years she has created an approach to hairdressing that is a breath of fresh air taking away any feelings of insecurities and relaxes you into hair heaven. Are you stuck in a rut with your style? Or is your hair in disaster mode and you just don’t know how to make it vibrant again? Carmen will take you on a journey back to beautiful hair and help make you a timeline to restore those luscious locks. She is a one million percent perfectionist and loves doing highly technical colour work, especially blondes. For Carmen there’s no better feeling then the happy sigh of relief when you finish someone’s hair, knowing you’ve made their day.

Jodi Durant

Senior Stylist

Balayage & Blondes Specialist/ Naturals & Vivid colours/ Updos/ Extensions/ Curly Hair Expert

A free spirit with 10 years experience and a real talent to transform you, is Jodi. She loves cutting, colouring, braiding and all types of updo’s; she is the perfect choice if you want to have a full makeover. Her positive vibe and ability to really listen and communicate with you make her an exceptional hairdresser to see again and again. Your consultation will be thorough and she will actually “get you” by giving you the time and care you deserve. Her passion is to make people feel good and she loves nothing more than to see someone smiling at themselves in the mirror after a service. Knowing she can help the inside shine out, drives her in this field.

Angela Jansen

Senior Stylist

Vivid & Natural colours/ Etching Expert/Balayage Specialist/Dreadlocks/Curly Hair Expert

Hailing from Holland is our resident sweetheart, Angela. Never doing the same hair twice she is our creative colour and etching/hair tattoo Queen. With 15 years experience two things have always remained for Ange, the health of the hair and making something truly unique through your combined creativity. If you are looking for someone with a passion for hair and an unsurpassed technical skillset, that will treat you with extra TLC and a big smile every step of the way, Ange is your gal. Every person is unique, and she brings out the inner beauty in every client, from a natural rockstar to a sparkling unicorn.

Ocram Marzano

Advanced Stylist

Vivid colours/ Etching/ Bleach specialist/ Dreadlocks/ Curly Hair Expert

Our fantastic freak from Seattle we love and adore! Ocram is like no other, with a huge heart and banter for days, he is the spirit of the salon. If his personality doesn’t win you over his curly hair cuts and completely unique colour creations sure will! Doing hair for 6 years now this creature is unstoppable in his capabilities. He is a curl whisperer and one of our top curly hair experts, he knows his curls. Ocram is all about bringing out the new and unique with his colour work through ntricate pattern shaving and avant-garde styling. He is driven by the thrill people get when they shed the old and transform into something new. He loves helping people feel fresh and embodied by their own inner power.


Salon Manager and Head Mistress

Charisma/Uniqueness/ Nerve/ Talent… wait, that’s Rupal’s tag line…

Our LA Woman has been a Melbournian for 6 years now and comes from a background of event production and management. Chelsei is the head Mistress of Cherry Bomb and keeps everyone laughing while making sure the ever evolving tasks of managing a salon are met with a smile and good banter. The voice behind the phone and the answer-er of all your questions, she can handle anything that life throws at her. She likes cats, fashion,modeling, puns and Dad jokes; you can forward your best bad joke to

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